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Small & large businesses

Business users in finance, insurance and real estate use our free platform to help verify investment decisions, or upgrade to Chimnie for Business to build real-time risk predictions at national scale.

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Owners selling soon

Owners who are a few months away from formally selling can now get a completely free valuation opinion from three local experts.

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Home buyers

Buyers who want to get the most for their money, by finding ideal areas to live on our search page, predicted values for any property, and identify property risks that estate agents can neglect to mention.

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Overseas investors

Experienced property investors who want to have an off-market buying edge, by writing letters directly to owners who they think are likely to want to sell soon.

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Amy's face

So far the website has been really easy to use and not like anything I've seen done before. With the addition of having hundreds more properties to browse images of, I can get a better idea of what I'm looking for.

Amy, Leeds

Thomas's face

Most useful for making my own research on good property investment opportunities. They have information I could not find anywhere else. I was able to find a hidden gem that was not on the market.

Thomas, East London

East London
Jenny's face

Chimnie's offer range value on my property gave me the confidence to price the sale of my house (now sold), rather than take the estimated value from estate agents who undervalued my property for the want of a quicker sale and fear of not being able to sell it.

Jenny, Manchester

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Chimnie's location scores have been a game-changer to help me choose where to live. There are so many factors to consider, and I can't believe Chimnie has made it free and easy. The score breakdowns really helped to make a good decision on where I wanted to move.

Oliver, Wolverhampton


Why did we build Chimnie?

To help you get property valuations on demand

If you're thinking about selling your property soon, you can instantly search Chimnie for estimated values , and verify the value by getting our local experts to provide a free valuation for your property.

To make the property market transparent

Until we built Chimnie, only professionals could find the information they need about properties. This allows some sellers to get away omitting vital information.

To take the risks out of purchasing property

We protect you from disruption and make transactions happen faster - download a property’s “risk report” instantly on Chimnie.

To help buyers find their ideal location

Discover the very best locations based on what matters most to you. Amazing schools? Great shops? Nearby stations? We compare it all.

Make better property decisions with Chimnie

Data technology & local insight to give you an edge


Chimnie helps you make better property decisions.

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