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Chimnie is a data-powered property platform, built to help make homebuying easy. By providing free research reports for 29 million properties, we enable homebuyers to instantly check details for any property and its surroundings.

Chimnie provides public, licenced and user-submitted data about properties that used to be restricted to professional property investors through expensive tools.

Chimnie does not presently list properties for sale or rent - we only provide data about properties.

Estate agents help to provide our users with free valuations requested through our platform.

Chimnie builds on the work of HM Government and Ordnance Survey to create and update reports for every single property in Britain - over 29 million of them. This architectural and geographic data is not classified as personal data, and is published in the public interest.

Chimnie's property reports are accessed daily by homebuyers, insurers, underwriters, banks, lenders & credit agencies to understand a property or location better. Whilst a Chimnie profile can be hidden by an owner, this is usually perceived negatively by those making financial decisions.

If you need further information you can email us at hello@chimnie.co.uk. Please note that to protect our staff, our email system has a zero-tolerance policy on threatening or aggressive language and automatically deletes such emails before they reach our team.

Yes, homebuyers expect to be able to find a report for your property on Chimnie and will likely have concerns if it is unavailable.

Yes, we diligently follow IPO guidelines to keep your data safe.

Chimnie will never ask you for your password, bank details or any money, either over the phone or by SMS, email or direct message.

You can learn more about how Chimnie securely handles data in our privacy policy. We also recommend consulting a solicitor before signing anything relating to property or making any form of payment - whether you're on the market, using an auction or selling privately.

Yes, you can easily delete your account by logging in and selecting the menu option to delete your account. Please note that if you have requested any services from our partners, these will not be revoked by the deletion of your account.

Chimnie holds data pertaining to properties and not to individuals, under data protection laws. Properties in the UK are not governed under GDPR; address data in the UK is owned by Royal Mail and licenced by Ordnance Survey. Chimnie is compiled from open, licenced, and user-submitted data. For more information, please see our privacy policy here.

Locally-trained Bayesian machine learning models are built to generate the suggested value range. The AI is trained on variables such as past sale records, house price indices, local area values, council tax records, local facilities and property features - and uses sale prices as a feedback loop.

Chimnie is Britain's most powerful property research tool, using open, licenced, and user-submitted data to compile reports. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any report, and strongly encourage you to verify details with owners, hire a conveyancer, and conduct a survey before ever purchasing a property you found on Chimnie.

Chimnie produces property reports for every British residential property, not sales listings. Some of these properties are currently for sale with estate agents, and others are being prepared for sale by owners.


Chimnie helps you make better property decisions.

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