What does Allaston offer?

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Allaston, nestled quietly within the captivating Forest of Dean. This enchanting village is a perfect blend of serene countryside and vibrant community life. As you wander through its quaint lanes, you'll be greeted by traditional stone houses, flourishing gardens, and a tranquil atmosphere that evokes an unmistakable sense of timelessness. It's a place where nature's symphony whispers through the trees and the hustle of city life feels a million miles away. The Forest of Dean, which envelops Allaston, is a spectacular treasure trove of natural beauty. It is one of the surviving ancient woodlands in England, offering an awe-inspiring landscape for all who visit. Venture into the forest and you'll discover a realm of majestic trees, diverse wildlife, and fascinating historical landmarks. Whether you're an avid hiker seeking adventure, a bird watcher in search of rare species, or a history enthusiast keen on exploring heritage, the Forest of Dean invites you to experience a world where the past and present coexist harmoniously.

Top attractions in Allaston

1. Puzzlewood: An enchanting, ancient woodland, Puzzlewood is filled with unique rock formations, secret caves, and a labyrinth of pathways. Known for inspiring the magical forests in J.R.R Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings', it's a must visit for every nature lover.

2. Clearwell Caves: Step into the world of miners at Clearwell Caves, a fascinating network of hidden underground caverns that date back over 4,500 years. Explore the history of iron ore mining in the region and delve into the depths of the earth.

3. The Secret Forest: Explore the hidden wonders of the Secret Forest, a beautiful, tranquil woodland filled with rare flora and fauna. Its enchanting Wildflower Meadow and Bluebell Wood are particularly attractive in the spring.

4. Go Ape Forest of Dean, Mallards Pike: For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Go Ape offers treetop adventures, zip lines and off-road Segway trails. Surrounded by picturesque views of Mallards Pike Lake, it's perfect for thrill-seekers of all ages.

5. Dean Heritage Centre: Learn about the rich history and heritage of the Forest of Dean at this engaging museum. With five acres of woodland trails, interactive exhibits, and a Victorian cottage to explore, it offers a fascinating journey through time.

Best areas to live in Allaston

1. Church Road: Renowned for its peaceful aura and lined with scenic beauty, this area is perfect for those seeking tranquillity.

2. Allaston Mead: A superb residential area with ample green space, ideal for families and nature lovers.

3. New Road: Full of character with a range of properties, New Road offers a real sense of community spirit.

4. Victoria Road: This area offers a blend of traditional and modern housing, making it a popular choice among residents.

5. Littledean Hill Road: Known for its stunning views and spacious properties, this road is certainly a sought-after location.

6. Elton Road: With its close proximity to essential amenities, Elton Road is a convenient location for all.

7. St. White's Road: This road is appealing due to its easy access to educational institutions and its quiet, cosy atmosphere.

8. Poplar Road: A family-friendly area with a welcoming neighbourhood and a lively community.

9. Parkend Road: Renowned for its beautiful parks and recreational areas, this location is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

10. Cinderford Road: Offering a mix of residential and commercial properties, Cinderford Road is a vibrant and bustling area.

Each road and area in Allaston has its own unique charm, making it a wonderful place to settle down.

Best things about living in Allaston

1. Immersed in Nature: Allaston is a haven for nature lovers, nestled within the iconic Forest of Dean. The verdant landscape offers a tranquil escape with endless opportunities for serene walks, bird watching and cycling amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

2. Rich History: The region boasts a deep and fascinating history, from its industrial heritage to ancient royal hunting grounds. Explore the fascinating ruins of St. Briavels Castle or delve into the past at the Dean Heritage Centre.

3. Exceptional Local Produce: Allaston and the surrounding area are renowned for their local produce. The region's fertile soil yields mouth-watering fruits and vegetables that star in the local cuisine. Don't miss out on the local farmers' markets, where you can sample and buy directly from the source.

4. Proximity to Key Locations: Despite its rural charm, Allaston enjoys excellent connectivity. The cities of Gloucester and Bristol are within easy reach, offering a wealth of cultural attractions, shopping and dining experiences.

5. Unique Activities: From canoeing on the River Wye to underground adventures in Clearwell Caves, Allaston provides unique activities for all ages. The region is also home to a range of local festivals, celebrating everything from food and drink to music and art.

Drawbacks to living in Allaston

1. Limited Access to Large Shopping Centres: Allaston is a small village, which means you may not have immediate access to large shopping centres. The nearest major shopping areas are in bigger towns, requiring a drive or public transport journey.

2. Lack of Nightlife: If you're someone who enjoys a bustling nightlife, Allaston might not be the place for you. The village has a relatively quiet night scene with only a few local pubs and no nightclubs.

3. Limited Public Transport: Public transport services in Allaston are not as frequent as in larger towns or cities. This lack of regular public transport can make travel more difficult, particularly for those without a personal vehicle.

4. Fewer Employment Opportunities: Employment opportunities can be limited in Allaston. With fewer businesses and industries compared to larger urban areas, finding local work might prove challenging.

5. Limited Educational Institutions: For families with children, it's important to note that Allaston has fewer educational institutions. While there are schools in the surrounding areas, the options within the village itself are limited.

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