What does Blakesley offer?

Nestled in the heart of West Northamptonshire, Blakesley is a charming, quintessentially English village that time seems to have forgotten. Winding lanes, lined with thatched cottages and mature trees, guide visitors through the settlement, offering glimpses into a peaceful way of life that echoes with the rhythms of the countryside. The village, dotted with honey-coloured stone houses, is the epitome of rural tranquillity, serving as a delightful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Blakesley's Church of St Mary, a beautiful Grade II listed building, stands as a testament to the village's rich history. Lush, well-tended gardens and the picturesque Blakesley Hall, a medieval manor house, further add to the allure of this hidden gem. The surrounding countryside, laced with footpaths and bridleways, provides ample opportunities for leisurely walks or cycling. Whether you're a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply seeking a serene escape, Blakesley offers an idyllic setting for a memorable visit.

Top attractions in Blakesley

1. Blakesley Hall: This captivating 16th-century manor house, steeped in rich history, offers a unique insight into the rural lifestyle of the Tudor period. Wander through the charming rooms, adorned with period furnishings, to truly step back in time.

2. St Mary's Church: A jewel of Gothic architecture, St Mary's Church is the heart of the village. This exquisite parish church, dating back to the 13th century, is adorned with intricate stained glass windows that are a must-see.

3. Blakesley Miniature Railway: A small-scale steam railway that cuts a scenic path through the local countryside. It's an ideal day out for families and railway enthusiasts alike, offering a fun and interactive way to enjoy the stunning landscapes of Blakesley.

4. The Bartholomew Arms: Experience true British hospitality in this traditional village pub. The Bartholomew Arms is a hub of local activity, offering a varied menu of classic pub fare and a selection of locally brewed ales.

5. Blakesley Walks: If you're a nature lover, the variety of walking routes around Blakesley provide ample opportunity to enjoy the local flora and fauna. The routes vary in length and difficulty, making them suitable for walkers of all levels.

Best areas to live in Blakesley

1. High Street: This central hub offers a vibrant social scene with a variety of eateries, shops, and cultural events.

2. Church Lane: With its historic charm, this area is perfect for those who enjoy peaceful surroundings filled with character.

3. The Green: A tranquil area offering an idyllic rural lifestyle, ideal for families and nature enthusiasts.

4. Bradden Road: Known for its mix of modern and traditional properties, this location offers a serene lifestyle with easy access to local amenities.

5. Wood End: This quiet corner of Blakesley provides a secluded setting, perfect for those seeking privacy and tranquillity.

6. Grafton Road: This area offers a vibrant community atmosphere and is close to some of the top-rated schools in the area, making it ideal for families.

7. Blakesley Hill: This area boasts some of the most stunning views in the region, with large, luxurious properties overlooking the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside.

8. Main Street: This location is perfect for those who want to be close to the hustle and bustle of village life, with a range of local shops and amenities on your doorstep.

9. School Lane: Offering a peaceful location away from the main roads, this area is perfect for those desiring a quieter lifestyle with convenient access to local schools.

10. Brookside Lane: This picturesque area is home to a variety of property types, from quaint cottages to modern family homes.

Best things about living in Blakesley

1. Quintessential British Countryside: Nestled in the heart of West Northamptonshire, Blakesley offers a picturesque slice of the quintessential British countryside. With rolling hills, lush greenery and charming stone cottages, it's an idyllic retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. History and Heritage: Blakesley is steeped in rich history and heritage. From St Mary's Church, a stunning Grade I listed building dating back to the 13th century, to the numerous historical landmarks and buildings, there's a sense of past times kept alive in this serene village.

3. Outdoor Activities: For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, Blakesley provides a wealth of opportunities. With numerous walking, cycling, and horse-riding trails, it's an ideal spot to enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of the countryside.

4. Friendly Community: Despite its small size, Blakesley boasts a warm and close-knit community. The village is known for its traditional annual events like the Blakesley Show, a true testament to the strong community spirit.

5. Proximity to Amenities: While offering a peaceful rural lifestyle, Blakesley is conveniently located close to larger towns and cities. Northampton, with its shopping centres, restaurants, and night-life, is but a short drive away, providing the perfect balance between tranquillity and modern comforts.

Drawbacks to living in Blakesley

1. Limited Amenities: One of the primary drawbacks of living in Blakesley is the limited availability of amenities. As a smaller, rural village, it lacks the variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options typically found in larger towns or cities.

2. Lack of Public Transport: The public transport links in Blakesley are not extensive. This could make commuting or travelling for leisure more challenging for those who don't own private vehicles.

3. Limited Employment Opportunities: As a small village, Blakesley doesn't offer a wide range of job opportunities. Residents may need to commute to nearby towns or cities for work.

4. Limited Educational Facilities: While there is a primary school in the village, families with older children may find the lack of secondary schools and colleges a disadvantage. They may need to consider schooling options in neighbouring areas.

5. Less Vibrant Nightlife: For those who enjoy a lively nightlife, Blakesley may not be the ideal choice. The quiet, serene environment might not cater to those looking for a bustling nightlife with a variety of pubs, clubs, and late-night entertainment.

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