What does Hubberston offer?

Nestled in the charming county of Pembrokeshire is the inviting locale of Hubberston, a peaceful hamlet that epitomises the picturesque splendour of rural Wales. This tranquil haven offers an enticing mix of natural beauty and historical intrigue, immersing its visitors in a world of idyllic landscapes and captivating heritage. With its stunning coastal views, lush countryside, and traditional cottages, Hubberston provides the perfect setting for a relaxing retreat or a thrilling exploration of the Welsh countryside. Hubberston is steeped in history, with an array of historical landmarks and fascinating heritage sites that provide a glimpse into the past. Explore the evocative ruins of Hubberston Fort, which stand as a testament to the area's military history, or take a leisurely stroll through the charming lanes that hark back to a bygone era. The area is also home to an array of delightful pubs and eateries, where you can indulge in some of the finest Welsh cuisine and sample the local ales. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a serene getaway, Hubberston offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing to return.

Top attractions in Hubberston

1. Hubberston Fort: This fascinating historical site offers a glimpse into the past. The fort was once a key defensive position and now serves as an intriguing place to explore. Learn about the military history of the area while enjoying panoramic views from the fort.

2. St David's Church: A beautiful example of Victorian architecture, St David's Church is a serene and peaceful place to visit. The church, built in the 19th century, is known for its intricate wooden carvings and inviting atmosphere.

3. Hubberston Recreation Ground: This park is perfect for a family outing, with playgrounds for children and wide open spaces for picnics or sports. The recreation ground is well-loved by locals and visitors alike.

4. Hubberston & Hakin Community Centre: An active hub of the community, the centre hosts a variety of events throughout the year. From art workshops to fitness classes, there's always something going on.

5. Hubberston Pill Nature Reserve: For nature lovers, this reserve is a must-see. Home to a variety of wildlife, the reserve features several walking trails, each offering a unique view of the local flora and fauna.

Best areas to live in Hubberston

1. Gelliswick Road: Embrace the mesmerising coastal views and proximity to beachfront amenities along this road.

2. Priory Road: Known for its quiet and serene atmosphere, it's a popular choice among those seeking a tranquil living environment.

3. Castle Pill Road: For those preferring a countryside vibe, this area offers plenty of green spaces and woodland surroundings.

4. Havens Park: With its proximity to local parks and leisure facilities, this is a fantastic place for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

5. Hubberston Road: This area is favoured for its community feel and easy access to local shops, schools, and public transport links.

6. Dale Road: A coastal retreat, offering residents stunning seaside views and access to water sports activities.

7. Pill Road: Known for its spacious properties and close-knit community spirit, it's a wonderful place to reside.

8. Military Road: With its historical charm and easy access to the town centre, it's a top choice for many locals.

9. Furzy Park: Ideal for families, offering close proximity to schools and local amenities.

10. Nubian Crescent: Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and friendly neighbourhood in this area, perfect for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle.

Best things about living in Hubberston

1. Breathtaking Natural Beauty: Hubberston, nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire, is surrounded by some of the UK's most stunning landscapes. The serene beaches, lush green countryside, and striking cliffs provide a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Rich Historical Heritage: Hubberston is steeped in history with a plethora of historical landmarks and sites, such as the ancient Hubberston Fort, offering a fascinating insight into the area's past.

3. Enthralling Outdoor Activities: From serene walks along the coastline to exhilarating water sports, Hubberston offers a wide range of activities for the adventurous spirit. It's an ideal spot for cycling, hiking, sailing, and bird watching.

4. Excellent Local Produce: Hubberston is renowned for its scrumptious local cuisine. The area boasts numerous farmer's markets and local eateries, where you can savour fresh seafood, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and traditional Welsh delicacies.

5. Community Spirit: The sense of community in Hubberston is truly invigorating. The yearly calendar is packed with community events, festivals, and local gatherings, fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes living in Hubberston a true delight.

Drawbacks to living in Hubberston

1. Limited Shopping Options: Hubberston is a quaint village with a limited number of shops. For those who enjoy extensive retail therapy, this may not be the ideal place. The larger shopping centres are located in neighbouring towns, requiring a bit of a commute.

2. Limited Employment Opportunities: The village is mostly residential with few businesses. This means employment opportunities within the village are quite limited. Unless you're retiring, working remotely or willing to commute, this could pose a challenge.

3. Limited Nightlife: If you're a fan of vibrant nightlife with a variety of bars, clubs, and late-night entertainment, Hubberston may not meet your expectations. The quieter, more relaxed pace of life here means that nightlife options are relatively sparse.

4. Limited Public Transport: While there is some public transport, the services can be infrequent and often don't run late in the evening. This could be a hindrance for those without their own transport or those looking for easy, direct routes to bigger cities.

5. Lack of Cultural Activities: Although the village offers a tranquil and picturesque setting, it may lack the cultural and entertainment options that a city or larger town provides. For those who enjoy frequent museum visits, theatre shows or art galleries, this could be a disadvantage.

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