Hurstbourne Priors

What does Hurstbourne Priors offer?

Nestled in the heart of Basingstoke and Deane, Hurstbourne Priors is a charming and tranquil village that paints the quintessential image of rural England. Its picturesque landscapes and ancient architecture are imbued with a rich and captivating history. Lush rolling fields, idyllic thatched cottages and the serene River Test provide a panoramic feast for the eyes, making it an irresistible spot for nature lovers, history enthusiasts and peace seekers alike. A stroll through Hurstbourne Priors is akin to stepping into a bygone era. Its enchanting church, St. Andrew's, dates back to the 12th century and stands as a testament to the village's long-standing heritage. The annual May Day Fair, a tradition since the 19th century, brings the village to life with traditional dances, stalls and games. The surrounding countryside offers ample opportunities for leisurely rambles, bird-watching and angling. In essence, Hurstbourne Priors is a cherished jewel in Hampshire, offering a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Top attractions in Hurstbourne Priors

1. St. Andrew's Church: This historic gem possesses a captivating charm. Dating back to the 12th century, it showcases stunning architectural detail, a tranquil atmosphere and a charming churchyard.

2. Hurstbourne Priors May Fair: This annual event brings a burst of excitement to the village. From traditional stalls, crafts, local food to live entertainment, it's a day of community spirit and fun.

3. The River Test: Renowned for its exceptional clarity, it's a popular spot for fly fishing enthusiasts. The surrounding picturesque landscape offers idyllic walks, brimming with natural beauty.

4. The Thatched Cottage: This Grade II listed building is a sight to behold. Dating back to the 17th century, it is a perfect example of period architecture, unspoiled by time.

5. Test Way: This 44-mile long pathway runs through Hurstbourne Priors. It's a haven for walkers, offering remarkable views of the Test Valley's diverse landscapes.

Best areas to live in Hurstbourne Priors

1. Church Street: Known for its serene environment, this area is nestled amidst lush green surroundings, offering an idyllic rural lifestyle.

2. Manor Road: This residential area boasts beautiful countryside views and close proximity to local amenities.

3. Evingar Road: A charming locality, it offers a mix of traditional and modern homes. Its leafy streets add to its allure.

4. Longparish Road: Perfect for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle, it offers easy access to the town centre and excellent schools.

5. Kingsclere Road: This is a vibrant area, with a mix of stylish homes and a strong community spirit.

6. Priory Road: Known for its grand period properties, this area offers a taste of luxury living.

7. Whitchurch Road: Offering a range of homes, from quaint cottages to large family houses, this road provides something for every prospective homeowner.

8. Andover Road: Andover Road is a popular area, known for its well-maintained properties and close-knit community.

9. Winchester Road: This area draws attention for its convenient location, access to recreational facilities, and a variety of housing options.

10. Newbury Road: Perfect for families, this area is close to good schools and provides a safe, friendly environment.

Remember, each of these areas has its unique charm and character, offering a variety of options for living in Hurstbourne Priors. From serene countryside roads to bustling town streets, there's something to suit everyone's preferences.

Best things about living in Hurstbourne Priors

1. Quintessential English Charm: Hurstbourne Priors offers quintessentially English charm at its finest. Traditional thatched cottages, tucked away in picturesque lanes, offer a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life.

2. Natural Beauty: The village is surrounded by beautiful, untouched countryside. Numerous walking and cycling routes are available for those who enjoy outdoor activities, providing breathtaking views of rolling hills, ancient woodlands and tranquil streams.

3. Community Spirit: Despite its small size, Hurstbourne Priors boasts a strong sense of community. Regular village events, like the annual May Day Fair, bring locals together and give visitors a taste of authentic rural life.

4. Historical Interest: For history enthusiasts, the village church, St Andrew's, which dates back to the 12th century, is a must-see. Its beautiful stained glass windows and enchanting churchyard are steeped in history.

5. Proximity to Larger Towns: While it offers all the tranquillity of rural life, Hurstbourne Priors is conveniently located close to larger towns like Basingstoke and Andover. This means that amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, and rail links are easily accessible.

Drawbacks to living in Hurstbourne Priors

1. Limited Amenities: Hurstbourne Priors is a small, rural village that lacks many of the amenities found in more urban areas. This means you may need to travel for everyday necessities, such as grocery shopping or medical services.

2. Limited Public Transport: The public transport options in Hurstbourne Priors are somewhat limited. This can be inconvenient for those who do not drive or prefer not to use their own vehicle.

3. Lack of Diversity: The village is relatively homogeneous with little cultural diversity. This could be a disadvantage for those who crave a more cosmopolitan living environment.

4. Limited Educational Facilities: There are few schools in the immediate vicinity of Hurstbourne Priors. Families with children may need to travel a fair distance to access a wider range of educational options.

5. High Cost of Living: As an area known for its quintessentially English countryside charm, property prices and the general cost of living in Hurstbourne Priors can be quite high compared to other areas in the UK.

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