Lower Sheering

What does Lower Sheering offer?

Nestled amidst the verdant sprawl of Epping Forest, Lower Sheering is an idyllic haven of tranquillity and rural charm. This picturesque village in Essex, UK, boasts a rich tapestry of history and a quintessentially English appeal. As you meander through its quaint lanes, you'll find charming homes, centuries-old landmarks, and a peaceful community that encapsulates the true essence of countryside living. Lower Sheering offers an invigorating breath of fresh air away from the bustling city life. Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Epping Forest, it serves as an ideal destination for walking, cycling, and picnicking. As you explore the forest's extensive network of paths and trails, you'll get to immerse yourself in nature, encounter diverse wildlife and marvel at the stunning woodland vistas. Delight in the village's serene ambiance, relish the beautiful landscapes, and embrace the simple pleasures of rural life in Lower Sheering.

Top attractions in Lower Sheering

1. Sheering Mill Lock: A picturesque location by the canal, ideal for leisurely strolls, nature photography or a tranquil picnic. This lock is one of the finest examples of British waterway structures.

2. St Mary's Church: This historic Anglican church dates back to the 12th century, featuring stunning architecture, a tranquil churchyard, and a rich local history.

3. Lower Sheering Bowls Club: A friendly, welcoming club offering a chance to participate in lawn bowling - a traditional British sport. The club regularly hosts competitions and social events.

4. Harlow Riding School: Though technically in Harlow, it's just at the border and easily accessible from Lower Sheering. Perfect for equestrian enthusiasts of all levels, offering horse riding lessons and scenic trail rides.

5. The Henry Moore Foundation: Just a short trip away, this art centre showcases the work of the renowned sculptor Henry Moore. It boasts beautiful grounds and an impressive collection of sculptures and drawings.

Best areas to live in Lower Sheering

1. Hobbs Cross Road: A serene location, tucked away in the heart of Lower Sheering. The perfect choice for those who seek tranquillity and close proximity to nature.

2. Church Road: Known for its charming period homes and easy access to local amenities. This road offers an ideal balance between rural charm and modern convenience.

3. Broadley Road: A popular choice for families due to its close proximity to highly rated schools and community parks.

4. Sheering Lower Road: This road is renowned for its selection of luxury homes, offering residents a taste of opulence in a picturesque setting.

5. Sawbridgeworth Road: Boasting a mix of traditional and modern homes, this road is ideal for those seeking a vibrant community atmosphere.

6. The Street: This road is at the heart of Lower Sheering, providing easy access to local shops, restaurants and pubs.

7. Pincey Road: Ideal for those seeking a quiet residential area with easy access to the beautiful landscapes of Epping Forest.

8. Matching Road: Offering a selection of homes with large gardens, this road is perfect for nature lovers.

9. Sheering Road: Known for its beautifully maintained period homes, this road offers a unique blend of history and charm.

10. Mill Lane: This beautiful, tree-lined lane is an ideal location for those seeking peace and quiet in a friendly community.

Best things about living in Lower Sheering

1. Tranquil Countryside Living: Lower Sheering offers the charm of a rural lifestyle, ensconced in the heart of the idyllic Epping Forest. This serene environment provides the perfect backdrop for peaceful living, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. Abundance of Green Spaces: Imagine waking up to the lush greenery of Epping Forest every day. Lower Sheering's location provides easy access to the forest's numerous walking trails, picnic spots, and wildlife observation points.

3. Close-knit Community: Lower Sheering has a tight-knit, welcoming community. Its village spirit fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie, where neighbours become friends and local events bring everyone together.

4. Historical Charm: Lower Sheering boasts a rich history, evident in its charming architecture and landmarks. From the 14th-century church of St Mary the Virgin to the traditional thatched cottages, history enthusiasts will find much to appreciate.

5. Convenient Location: Despite its rural setting, Lower Sheering is well-connected to the surrounding towns and cities. The nearby Harlow Town railway station offers easy access to London, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy country living without compromising on urban amenities.

Drawbacks to living in Lower Sheering

1. Limited Local Amenities: Lower Sheering, in Epping Forest, offers a peaceful, country lifestyle. However, it lacks many amenities found in larger towns or cities. For instance, options for shopping, dining, and entertainment are relatively limited, which may require residents to travel further afield for these activities.

2. Limited Public Transportation: The area also suffers from a lack of comprehensive public transport, making it less convenient for those without personal vehicles. It may also be a challenge for elderly residents or those seeking to commute to work in nearby cities.

3. Higher Cost of Living: Lower Sheering is a desirable area, and as such, property and living costs can be significantly higher compared to other regions in the UK. This might be a barrier for individuals or families on a tighter budget.

4. Limited Employment Opportunities: While it's a lovely place to reside, Lower Sheering does not offer the same range of employment opportunities that one might find in a larger city. This could lead to lengthy commutes or a need to seek employment elsewhere.

5. Limited Educational Options: While there are a number of schools in the area, the range of educational options, particularly for secondary and higher education, is somewhat limited. Families with specific educational needs or aspirations might need to explore options outside of the local area.

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